I am a veteran production artist. As a free lancer, I’ve worked in a variety of agencies, marketing departments, and publications and can quickly adapt to new workflows. I can build tight mechanicals, and make identical revisions on collateral material. I can work on a assignments simultaneously and complete them accurately, from sketch to press.

I’m skilled in Quark, InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator, Acrobat and FlightCheck.

I have excellent communication skills and appreciate the need for clear dialog with clients and colleagues. I enjoy meeting new people.

I thrive in the production environment, yet I can make a creative decision when it’s required. My enthusiasm and know-how make can me an asset for any company. I am a team player or I can work independently.

I work well under pressure, keep my cool and maintain a sense of humor.

Please contact me to discuss your needs further.

Jim Kahnweiler

203.979.1507 (mobile)

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